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Dillistone launches “FileFinder Anywhere Essentials”

Dillistone Systems has launched the latest iteration of the FileFinder Anywhere suite of products – FileFinder Anywhere Essentials (“FFA Essentials”). 


Dillistone says that FFA Essentials is an entirely browser based product with the additional flexibility, efficiency and functionality that this technology affords, integrating with Microsoft Outlook where required. It claims the browser-based solution avoids this localised software and support need. This reduces costs while also increasing efficiency and flexibility.


Jason Starr, CEO of Dillistone, said, “Our market is constantly evolving and for that reason we are committed to investing in our product suite to ensure that our clients are always at the cutting edge of the technology available to them.   


“For too long, search firms have paid for Cloud hosting solutions which have not provided the true benefits of cloud computing. Today, that changes. FileFinder Anywhere Essentials is the most advanced product in the market. It offers unique Outlook integration; unique Internet research tools; is fast; and easy to use. It’s everything our clients have been asking for, and we are extremely proud of it.”

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