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Eight in ten believe technology is impacting on the way we work, says Randstad

Technology is increasingly impacting and changing the way we work, according to 81% of the respondents in the latest Randstad Workmonitor survey.


The survey also found that, globally, 69% of the employees feel they need more training to keep up with technological developments and make them work to their advantage.


Outside work, 53% of the employees in the Randstad Workmonitor survey feel that the use of technology makes them feel less connected to people in the real world. Almost half of the respondents (47%) say technology makes them feel less connected to their co-workers and leads to fewer personal interactions among colleagues (46% agree). A high percentage (89%) state they feel a face-to-face meeting is the best way to interact with someone.

The number of employees who expect to find another job within the next six months remained stable at 109 in the last quarter, which still results in a steady index since 2012. Looking more in-depth, mobility has increased in some countries, compared to the last quarter, like Turkey (+5), Canada, Australia, and Greece (all +4). According to Steve Shepherd, employment market analyst and director social and public affairs in Asia Pacific, Australia saw a much higher than expected jobs growth in the economy in October and November with even December’s results exceeding economic forecast. Mobility has decreased in Portugal (-5), and in the US and Germany (both -4).


The survey found that 23% of the employees actually changed jobs in the last six months; a bit higher than last quarter (22%). The actual job change increased in Portugal, India and Hungary. In Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland and the US, the actual job change decreased. Similar to last quarter, Luxembourg has the lowest job change (3%). 


The appetite to change jobs increased in Malaysia and New Zealand while India shows the highest appetite to change jobs, according to the survey. In Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and the US the appetite to change jobs has decreased. Although in Luxembourg the appetite to change jobs has increased compared to last quarter, it is still the lowest.

In India, Mexico, Austria, Norway, and Denmark, more than 80% of the employees are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their current employer. In Italy, Hungary, China, Japan, and Hong Kong, the percentage of employees that are ‘dissatisfied’ or ‘very dissatisfied’ lies between 12% and 17%.

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