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Graduates should look overseas for career opportunities, advises NonStop Recruitment

At a time when UK graduates are increasingly struggling to find employment, NonStop Recruitment has advised university leavers to widen their horizons and seek jobs abroad.


Latest figures from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) have revealed a slowdown in UK graduate hiring, with vacancies up just 2% compared to last year. Given the increased competition for these positions, the firm says it is keen to encourage more students to look for work across borders.


According to Marketa Littlemore, head of talent acquisition at NonStop Recruitment, working overseas can not only aid graduates’ career progression, but is also vital in the development of Europe’s future talent.


She said, “There are a lot of efforts to get more students into employment in the UK – which we certainly back – but there is arguably less of a focus on promoting international opportunities. In a business environment where global connections are vital for future growth, having access to a pipeline of talent with multi-country experience is important. Despite this, there is almost a sense that the UK needs to keep hold of its ‘native’ talent, an approach that simply won’t help the development of the globally mobile workforce needed in the future.”


“For those just entering the job market, seeking opportunities in other countries not only widens their range of experiences and improves their employability, but also provides an array of chances to expand their professional and personal knowledge. It also has the added benefit of allowing students the chance to travel without missing out on job opportunities. But of course – as those with global experience would agree – it provides a much greater insight into the nation and its culture than any holiday ever could.”

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