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Ingeus to sponsor 2016 Business Disability Forum conference

Ingeus is a new major sponsor for the 2016 Business Disability Forum (BDF) conference ‘Recruiting and retaining disabled talent’ on 20th April at the Royal College of Nursing.


Ingeus are also sponsoring BDF’s Retention Toolkit and Retention Maturity Model, which will be officially launched at the conference.  


Tijs Broeke, communications director at Ingeus, said, “Ingeus is delighted to be sponsoring this year’s Business Disability Forum conference and the accompanying Retention Toolkit and Maturity Model which will take a timely look at how we can work together to improve the recruitment and retention of disabled people in the workplace.”


The development and launch of the Retention Toolkit follows on from BDF’s 2015 ‘State of the Nation’ report on the retention and development of employees with disabilities (supported by EY, Royal Mail, Lloyds Banking Group, Department for Work and Pensions, Equal Approach, de Poel Community and Remploy Employment Services). BDF says the research made clear the specific strategies any employer - no matter what sector or what size - can take to retain and develop their employees with disabilities and long-term health conditions.


The Retention Toolkit offers employers innovative and practical approaches to retaining employees with disabilities and long-term health conditions, according to BDF. BDF says the Retention Maturity Model forms part of the overall toolkit and offers a systematic approach for moving from ‘where do we start?’ to ‘how do we embed best practice in retention?’


George Selvanera, director of policy, services and communications at BDF and author of the Retention Toolkit, commented, “Building best practice in retaining employees with disabilities and long-term health conditions is the challenge of our time. As our workforce ages - and by 2020 more than 1 in 3 employees will be aged 50 or more in the UK - we have ever more employees who need adjustments. Getting it right for these employees is the right thing to do, but it’s more than that: it is a commercial imperative for UK PLC.


“The Retention Maturity Model is a step by step approach to making employment for people with disabilities and long term health conditions easier and better for business and employees.”

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