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Nine in ten say apprentices make valuable contribution to workforce

Apprentices are the solution to the UK’s ever-growing skills gap, according to Britain’s professionals.


This is according to research by CV-Library, which also found that more needs to be done by the government to tap into the skills of apprentices.


The survey was conducted amongst over 2,000 UK employees to uncover attitudes toward apprentices in the workplace. The findings revealed that 81.2% of UK workers believe apprentices are the key to filling the nation’s skills gap. 86.6%, however, do not believe the government is providing enough funding to sustain apprenticeships. In addition, 73.7% of professionals do not think the government is not doing enough to support apprentices themselves.


Overall, CV-Library says, respondents admit there is a general lack of awareness about available schemes.


90.6% of respondents believe apprentices make a valuable contribution to the workforce.


Only 14.5% of apprentices admit that government information contributed to their awareness of apprenticeship schemes, and many (42.2%) found opportunities through their own research. CV-Library states this suggests the reason apprentice talent remains untapped comes down to a lack of awareness initiatives from the government.


Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, commented, “Apprenticeships are extremely valuable for UK workers and employers – the skills acquired during these schemes can shape a career and also help tackle skills shortages in key sectors, such as engineering.


“However, it seems that this opportunity is being underutilised – while government funding is on its way via the apprenticeship levy, it’s clear that there is a broader issue at play. The data shows that not enough is being done by the government to raise awareness for apprenticeships and more support is needed for both businesses and apprentices themselves.


“Ultimately, apprentices cannot begin to plug the skills gap until younger workers are educated on the value of apprenticeships and more is done to raise awareness and support.”


While only 21% of respondents have done an apprenticeship themselves, 55.9% believe that doing one would have helped advance their career.





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