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Over a third don’t enjoy working for their current employer

New research from has revealed that over a third (38%) of UK workers don’t enjoy working for their current employer, with only 12% of saying they really like the company they currently work for. A further 32% of British workers said they are only happy with their employer ‘some of the time.’


Andy Sumner, managing director for Monster UK & Ireland, commented, “Being happy in your job is so important. Spending so many hours every week doing something you don’t enjoy, or working in an environment that doesn’t suit you, can really inhibit career progression and personal productivity levels. Sustained unhappiness at work can even have detrimental effects on your health and wellbeing.


“Therefore it’s important to quickly assess what elements of your job you dislike – is it your boss, your colleagues, the work or the sector itself? Once you’ve evaluated what needs to change, search for better options more suited to what you’re looking for. The job market is on the rise and there’s really no excuse for staying put in your current role if it’s making you unhappy.”


Monster poll results: February 2016

Do you enjoy working for your current employer?

% of votes

# of votes

Yes, very much



Yes, most of the time



Some of the time



No, not at all








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