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RI agricultural recruitment Q&A feature

We would like to gain an insight into agricultural recruitment in 2016 by inviting you to answer one of the following seven questions in 150 words or less.


  1. How will the 2016 Budget affect the UK agricultural industry?
  2. In 2015’s Budget it was announced that farmers were set to benefit from £100million in tax savings over a four-year period (as a result of plans to increase the number of years in which a self-employed farmer can average profits for income tax purposes from two to five). What has been the impact of this measure?
  3. What impact would a Brexit have on the UK agricultural recruitment sector?
  4. Should the UK vote to remain in the EU, what policies would agricultural businesses be set to (e.g. Common Agricultural Policy) benefit from a reform of?
  5. What skills are most in-demand from businesses?
  6. What is the biggest challenge for the agricultural recruitment sector this year?
  7. What changes do you expect to see in agricultural recruitment in the next few years?
  8. In light of the GLA’s upcoming reform and extended remit, what should recruiters do to ensure they are fully compliant?


Comments will be included free of charge in our UK May 2016 issue (print and digital) alongside a photo of the person commenting.


Please note, we have a limited amount of space allocated to this feature and comments that do not adhere to the 150-word limit may not be included.


Please note submissions are open to recruitment companies that provide agricultural staffing services and should come from staff at director/MD/CEO level.


Please email your comment, alongside a high resolution (300dpi minimum) image of the person commenting to


The deadline for all contributions is 5pm on Tuesday the 12th of April.



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