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Speakers at Angela Mortimer’s International Women’s Day Charity lunch reveal tips for success

Women should spend more time getting to know and understand men in order to get ahead, according to some of the UK’s leading business women. Hard work, dedication, good time management and strong teams are also critical if a woman has her eyes set on a top position in a typical UK business.


These opinions were expressed at the annual International Women’s Day Charity lunch hosted by Angela Mortimer, on Friday 11th March.  Julia Barfield, the architect behind the London Eye, Kiki McDonough, jeweller to the Royal Family, Dr. Yasmin Jetha, ex-BUPA, Abbey National and Pearson CIO and Eve Pollard OBE, author, journalist and former tabloid editor addressed an audience of over 250 women from across Europe to give advice and insight to aspiring women keen to climb the career ladder.


“Women are equal to men and should be equal to men, but the facts do not support this,” opened Angela Mortimer, co-founder of Angela Mortimer.  “Male networks open doors to other males occupying senior positions, so we should spend more time mixing in with these established male networks.”



Jetha said, “Set big goals, have self-belief and harness the power of the team.  There is no substitute for hard work, but you also need courage, sacrifice, discipline and a great team. No one gets to the top on their own.” 


Julia Barfield also emphasized the importance of an excellent team and the ability of the advantage women have in a predominantly male environment.  She commented, “Much progress has been made in my field, and women now account for nearly 50% of the workforce in many areas.  There is however much work yet to be done for full parity.”


Kiki McDonough suggested that whilst self-belief was critical to success, a supportive family, luck, discipline and some talent are also crucial to success.


Eve Pollard rounded off the afternoon by adding, “Take your opportunities as they arise, work hard, very hard and do not underestimate the importance of the wider team.  Male colleagues expect women to become part of the team, so spend offsite time with men before they get to trust you, but do so without denigrating yourself in any way.”

Summing up, Angela Mortimer referred to her personal mantra, PROSPER, suggesting that in life we need Passion for what we are doing, Resilience against adversity, Openness to new ideas, Self-belief, the ability to be People oriented, be Encouraging to those we work with and be Resourceful in creating new solutions.


The event raised over £5,000 for the chosen charity, the Wellbeing of Women, which is dedicated to improving the health of women and babies.


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