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TEAM completes annual documents review

TEAM, with the cooperation of its principal legal advisors, Brabners LLP, has completed its annual review of certain core documents. These are now freely available to TEAM member via the company’s website.


TEAM said, “When was the last time you reviewed your business documentation? Employment legislation is constantly evolving and in many instances will require employers and recruiters to review and update their paperwork. In some cases, the amendments may be significant and others minor but in any event any business owner will want to ensure their documents are fit for purpose and compliant.”


The documents in questions are:


  • Contract of Employment
  • Contract of Employment (AWR)
  • Contract for Services
  • Addendum for LGV Drivers
  • Terms of Business (General)
  • Terms of Business (Temps)
  • Terms of Business (Executive Search)
  • Terms of Business (Ltd Company Contractors)
  • Terms of Engagement Ltd Company Contractors (opt in/out)
  • Fact Sheet Holiday Pay


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