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TomTom selects Workday for HR transformation

Workday, Inc. has announced that TomTom has selected Workday Human Capital Management (HCM).


With Workday, TomTom says it intends to transform its HR and talent management operations.



Workday HCM will allow TomTom to:


  • Create a single source for all HR information globally


  • Provide managers with visibility and insights into their teams across multiple regions, enabling them to make faster hiring and better people-management decisions


  • Empower employees with self-service access to relevant information and the ability to perform tasks from their mobile devices


  • Harmonise HR processes worldwide, streamlining operations to increase efficiencies and productivity throughout the business


  • Access continuous innovation from Workday's development on a single code line delivered in the cloud


Arne-Christian van der Tang, senior vice president of group HR at TomTom, said, “People and innovation are at the heart of TomTom’s success, which means it’s critical to have tools like Workday in place to continually find top talent and keep our employees engaged as we grow,”


“Workday shares TomTom’s values and our commitment to deliver the best solutions that allow our employees to achieve more every day. It also understands the importance of an engaging user experience and self-service when delivering HR tools that will help us create a more connected workforce and drive future success.”


Chano Fernandez, EMEA president of Workday, commented, “We are excited to see leading organisations in the Netherlands like TomTom choose our technology to empower employees, managers, and HR leaders with the data to make smarter, faster decisions whenever and wherever required.


“Moving from legacy technology to the cloud will help TomTom transform HR with a system designed to deliver better insights into its people and better outcomes for the business.”


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