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Web Based Recruitment launches new service

Web Based Recruitment has released a new “jobcasts” service. It claims the service will help companies promote their jobs.


A jobcast consists of an audio interview with a recruiter or hiring manager and typically covers information about the company, the culture, current job vacancies and the type of people companies are looking to recruit.


Mike Taylor, managing director of Web Based Recruitment, commented, “Jobcasts combine the power of audio, video and social media to help promote jobs in a different way.


“Previously job seekers would go to a central place (usually a company website) to find out about the latest jobs and most of the information was typically text based. With a jobcast, information about your latest jobs (plus insights into your company and the type of people you are looking for) can be found through internet radio, podcasts, online video and social media.”


How it works

  • Your jobcast audio interview is recorded with your pre-arranged interview questions
  • Your jobcast interview is published as a Podcast on both iTunes and SoundCloud
  • Your jobcast interview is broadcast on JOBS Radio - the UK's first job related internet radio station
  • Your jobcast is shared across social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest


Taylor concluded, “It is quite clear that over the last few years the Internet has moved from a text based medium to an audio/visual medium and our new jobcasts service will help bring job advertising up to date,” 

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