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250% increase in jobs registered in the UK space sector, finds Huxley Engineering

Huxley Engineering has seen a 250% jump in the number of jobs registered with the company in the UK space sector from the first quarters of 2015 and 2016.


The planned growth in the UK space sector has set companies and recruitment firms firmly on the path to searching for an additional 100,000 skilled workers by 2030 for the UK space sector, Huxley Engineering says. 


Tom Kelly, contract team manager at Huxley Engineering, said, “For the UK space sector to meet its target of capturing 10% of the global market share by 2030, and crucially to contribute to the UK geo-return, it’s essential that we have a strategy to attract industry leading UK based candidates with transferable skills and also the best UK talent currently in Europe working with the European Space Agency.


“Although, candidates may not have recent space sector specific experience, the niche skills they have acquired over their many years may give them a distinct advantage when entering the space sector.


“If you’re currently working in systems engineering, product assurance, project management, electrical or mechanical design, test/validation, software, or hardware then demand for these positions in the space industry has never been higher.


“With steep growth targets, the Government’s ring-fence on spending in science and funding from the European Space Agency, coupled with the innovative fast-paced UK technology sector, the UK space sector is entering an unprecedented era.


“Looking at the projections of the industry, the high quality of roles being offered and the number of projects coming online, the future of the space sector will have a positive outcome for not only applicants but for companies, complementary products and services and the global mission of space exploration.”


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