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63% increase in 16-18-year-old apprenticeship placements YoY, reports Positive Outcomes

Apprenticeships provider Positive Outcomes has reviewed its apprenticeship statistics, and has revealed a 63% increase in apprenticeship placements for 16 to 18-year olds across the period of March 2015 to March 2016.


It reported that widening the age bracket further to incorporate the full spectrum of its 16 to 24-year-old target demographic demonstrated a 40% increase in overall apprenticeship placements.


Positive Outcomes analysed its apprenticeship placement statistics over the last 12 months, revealing a significant increase in placements. Kelly Ball, joint managing director of Positive Outcomes, said, "63% reflects the huge surge in apprenticeships we've been encountering over the past few months as an organisation and suggests apprenticeships are becoming ever more popular as an educational career path.


"From our experience, as backed up by our stats, it's clear to us young people are now recognising apprenticeships as a genuine alternative to university. Statistics from the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission published at the end of March this year suggested there were fewer apprenticeship starts in 2014/15 when compared to 2010/11. But these stats are at odds with what we, as an organisation, have been seeing on the ground."


Positive Outcomes recently conducted research which demonstrated there were still some issues with apprenticeship awareness, as a fifth of prospective apprentices believed they'd be stuck in the industry of their chosen apprenticeship for life, whilst a further three fifths said they 'didn't know where to turn to' for apprenticeship advice. The same research, however, also revealed that 77% of apprentices go on to receive an offer of full-time employment with their apprenticeship provider.


Ball concluded, “All in all there's still work to be done around apprenticeships. And whilst the commission's findings certainly confirm this, our improving figures are an indicator that young people and employers are beginning to grasp how beneficial apprenticeships are.”



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