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Campus recruiting needs greater engagement, claims industry whitepaper

With the race for talent intensifying, campus recruiters are feeling the pressure to increase velocity and win the hearts and minds of qualified candidates sooner, a new whitepaper has revealed.


“Campus Recruiting is Broken: How to Fix it in Once Easy Step”, published by WCN Campus, explores the key challenges facing both applicants and recruiters in the annual recruitment cycles for college students and MBA or PhD graduates.


WCN Campus says the campus recruiting process, which is very different to other talent acquisition activities, has never been so overwhelming. Building a pipeline of college talent for internships and entry-level positions involves:


  • Hosting information sessions, workshops, along with attending career fairs — campus recruiters attend more than 150 live events per year, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).
  • Vetting the mountains of resumes, then tracking, assessing and managing candidates – NACE estimates that every job posting generates an average of 250 resumes!
  • Coordinating interviews and offer decisions for large groups of candidates, while working with a myriad of alumni school team members within a company – compared with the typical scenario of just one hiring manager for the rest of talent acquisition.


WCN says that as if all that pressure on campus recruiters is not enough, they are vying for candidates from a generation that is less focused on work as a top priority, less concerned about salaries when considering a job, less likely to stay in a job for more than two years, and more focused on training and advancement than their previous generations of college graduates.

These candidates are also prone to getting frustrated by the amount of time it takes to receive an offer after their initial application and the lack of communication during their journey.


The paper warns: “When campus recruiters are planning for and attending so many on-site events, vetting piles of resumes, tracking emerging talent, it seems communicating with the students falls by the wayside or ends up last on the list of priorities…Whether it’s time delays, poor communication with applicants, or a bad online user experience, campus recruiters and employers risk losing qualified candidates. As campus recruits are left in the dark, they consider other offers.”


Jeanette Maister, U.S. managing director of WCN, added, “The ever changing landscape of campus recruiting means we continue to see large, global organizations recognize the need to transform their approaches.  In this digital era, the push from employers needs to revolve around creating an engaging experience and personalizing the process for candidates – and in order to this, employers need utilize technology to ensure they form a bond from a very early stage, ages before the candidate applies, all the way through to when a candidate accepts their full-time offer. It’s critical to involve an end-to-end solution that supports the entire campus process to keep emerging talent engaged every step of the way.” 


Rather than the elongated manual processes some recruiters still have embedded, the whitepaper says digital automation of campus recruiting can help expedite processes and keep candidates better engaged.



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