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f1 recruitment launches contracts division

f1 recruitment has launched a contracts division.

It says this is in response to the changing needs of its clients. The company states that it has recruited an in-house team of experienced professionals to run this new aspect of its business and is looking to expand this team further over the coming year.

“We are responding to market conditions and changing business models” said Amanda Fone, CEO of f1 recruitment. “Over the last few years our contract to permanent ratio has increased to around 12% and remains in strong growth. We felt the time was right – in line with increasing demand and our own market position – to formalize this growing pattern and launch our contracts division and I see this ratio shifting to around 65:35 in the months ahead.

“The rise in contract working evidences a shift in both employer and candidate thinking, and indeed we are seeing increasing demand for a more agile workforce and the use of contractors to flex resources and muscle up and down to meet business need. That may be on an ongoing basis, or it may be to fill a specific gap e.g. whilst a permanent member of the team is recruited, which can often take between three – six months to come to fruition at the more senior level.

“For individuals who choose a flexible work-path and become a contractor, there are obvious benefits of flexibility or in some cases the ability to ‘test the water’ before they accept a permanent role.  Contract or temporary work is often part of the job-finding process”.

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