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Kyloe Partners launches North American operations

Kyloe Partners, a Bullhorn systems integration partner, has announced the launch of its North American operations, expanding its European services to the United States.


Kyloe says it will provide Bullhorn customers with a host of capabilities such as implementation services, consulting, training, and systems services to enhance their overall experience and engagement.


Jason Jakes will lead Kyloe Partners’ North American operations. Kyloe states that Jakes brings in-depth knowledge of both the staffing industry and Bullhorn from his roles in professional services and sales.


Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn, said, “Following tremendous positive feedback from Bullhorn’s European customers, now is the perfect time to implement Kyloe’s services here in the U.S.


“Kyloe is a fantastic partner and performs a critical role to our customers and the broader Bullhorn ecosystem. There is no better person to shepherd Kyloe’s expansion into North American than Jason. He has been instrumental in helping us build Bullhorn into the leading company that it is today. His depth of understanding of our clients and their businesses is unparalleled, and I’m excited to see how his successes will shape this new venture.”


As part of the North American expansion, Kyloe Partners will extend the following customer capabilities:


  • Implementation Services: Kyloe will establish its implementation offerings for new Bullhorn customers with services such as project management, configuration, customization, quality assurance, training, and go-live deployment.
  • Consulting: With a staff of experts in both Bullhorn’s products and the industries it serves, Kyloe will provide both operational and technical consulting.
  • Training and System Service: Kyloe will tailor training, service, and maintenance plans to individual businesses and emerging-market trends.
  • Kyloe+: Kyloe will offer to Bullhorn users its unique membership club that supplies a variety of applications, reports, productivity tools, and training guides.


Raymond Pennie, co-founder of Kyloe Partners, commented, “The opportunity to open North American operations with Jason is a significant step in our overall business strategy.


“We will offer our consulting, implementation, and development services to Bullhorn customers via local experts. This will help maximize the overall benefit of Bullhorn to our clients.”


In September 2015, Bullhorn partnered with Kyloe Partners to increase European-based customers’ use of the Bullhorn system and further improve their experience.



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