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MSP solutions need to be made viable for small and medium sized businesses, says TAPFIN

ManpowerGroup Solutions' Managed Service Provider (MSP), TAPFIN, part of ManpowerGroup has released a new white paper, "Moving Beyond Big Business: Changing Market Dynamics Drive Emergence of MSP Solutions for Lower-Volume Programmes."


The group says the paper highlights the need for a new, centralised model that makes MSP solutions viable options for smaller and medium-sized contingent workforce initiatives.


"MSPs have historically been highly customized, resources intensive and therefore were best suited to large-scale efforts," said Sean Garbett, general manager, EMEA, TAPFIN. "This led to thinking about another solution - a new, centralised MSP model that can deliver the benefits of an MSP programme without incurring the costs involved in high-touch customization. This new model—which we have recently implemented in Prague—is a viable solution for companies with smaller or fluctuating contingent workforces." 


ManpowerGroup says that with larger businesses, MSP initiatives are usually a significant undertaking that require sophisticated and highly customised solutions. Today, however, a variety of factors are driving small- and medium-sized businesses' needs for MSP solutions. For example, the rapidly changing regulatory environment for labour, global expansion of MSPs' footprint, and corporate growth modes/geographic expansion have created significantly increased demand for MSP solutions among a diverse set of businesses.


Garbett added, "To develop a model suitable for both small and mid-sized markets, it is necessary to eliminate the barriers while retaining the benefits.


"The market has driven the need for a new model that moves the technology and administration into a single location managed by the MSP, delivering a more flexible model that balances quality with process efficiency."




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