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This week, Katie Bard told us about one of its temps who had really gone the extra mile.

“We provide all the temporary consultants for a national UK train company within their complaints and customer service centres. One particular temp consultant worked with them for two and a half years as a customer representative. During a particularly cold winter evening in 2008, a gentleman was waiting on a platform for one of the request stop services and, after a while, called customer services to enquire about the scheduled time of arrival for his train. The candidate was on the other side of the phone and, after taking down his contacts details, assured him she would call back shortly with more information about the trains time of arrival.

“Despite receiving hundreds of other customer calls on a day-to-day basis, she ensured she kept to her word and called the gentleman back to let him know his train had unfortunately been cancelled due to bad weather conditions. As she spoke to him, she realised something was wrong as the gentleman was slurring and almost sounded like he was drunk (in her words). She asked if he was okay and he let her know he was feeling both tired and extremely cold, but told her he would have a nap.

“Extremely concerned, the candidate got authorisation from her line manager before ordering a taxi to collect him at the station. She called his mobile number again but got no response, so called the ambulance who arrived in the nick of time and took him to the hospital, where they revealed he had actually suffered from hypothermia; had he been outside for one more hour, he would have died.

“The gentleman wrote to the train company, thanking them and letting them know this particular woman had saved his life. The candidate was nominated for a Temp of the Year for her work dedication and outstanding performance and of course, won an award for this.”

Would you like to tell us about one of your top temps? Email us with your stories!

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