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Why recruitment businesses should focus on growing their own talent

Marketa Littlemore, is head of Talent Acquisition at NonStop Recruitment

If there’s one dilemma that comes up again and again when hiring new recruiters, it’s whether to opt for successful and more experienced candidates or raw talent. While it may be a first instinct to hire the candidate with the most experience, businesses shouldn’t rule out enthusiastic candidates who may be a better cultural fit with the company.

While candidates who have already held similar roles in the profession will have undoubtedly gained valuable skills from their experience, there is a chance they may have also picked up ‘bad habits’ along the way. Less experienced professionals on the other hand, are more likely to adapt, without reservations, to a business’ particular way of working and are therefore more likely to integrate into the organisation better than a candidate with a long list of bad habits to unlearn.

Cultural fit can also have a huge impact on how successful an employee is within a company, and although it is certainly harder to gauge at the initial interview stage than factors such as industry knowledge, for example how to source candidates, its value shouldn’t be underestimated. If an individual’s values align with those of the business not only are they more likely to achieve their goals but they are also more likely to stay on in their position. In a profession where high staff turnover is commonplace, hiring individuals who are a strong cultural fit within the business is vital, and for recruiters with a strong onboarding programme, arguably more so than experience.

‘Growing your own’ talent also boasts the benefits of creating a greater sense of loyalty to the business and higher employee engagement, both of which are conducive to a more positive and productive working environment. Engaged and culturally aligned employees can also help when pipelining talent for more senior roles or establishing a succession plan.

At NonStop we have a thorough onboarding programme for all of our consultants, many of whom are new to the working world. All of our new starters go through the same programme irrespective of their level of experience. The training, which covers both hard and soft skills, can be tailored to the individual, and some might complete the first stage in 14 days while others may take up to 35. Having a training programme designed by the business owners ensures that all of the stages are integrated and geared towards meeting the specific needs of our business.

Onboarding is a vital initial step when growing your own talent, and ensuring that you have training programmes in place for candidates who may not be as experienced but show a passion for the role and a willingness to learn is key. So before you make that next hire you should make sure to consider more than just experience and consider how you could start to foster new raw talent.

How important do you think an effective onboarding programme is in the development of a successful recruiter?

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