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57% of people use desktop to search for a job in the UK, finds research

TipTopJob has conducted research into the differences between the usage of desktop, mobile and tablet to find jobs in 186 different countries.


The data found that Internet users in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Gabon, Cuba and Chad use desktops to search for jobs more so than mobiles and tablets. In fact, 97% of people in Kyrgyzstan use a desktop computer, 93% in Russia, 89% in Gabon, 86% in Cuba and 86% in Chad.


Mobiles were used the most in Sudan, Kenya, Palau and the Falklands. 94% of users in Sudan chose a mobile over a desktop or tablet, according to TipTopJob.


Internet users in New Caledonia were the only users more likely to use tablets, the research found. In St Lucia, Jersey, Guadeloupe and Greenland, tablets were used more than any of the other countries analysed.


The UK and the USA rank right in the middle when it comes to its usage of the desktop and mobile. The UK found 57% using a desktop versus 33% a mobile and the USA, 52% versus 43%, respectively. A similar result was found in Australia with slightly more internet users choosing a desktop in comparison to a mobile; 49% vs 41% and India; 50% vs 48%.


TipTopJob found that the stats turned on their heads for a few other countries where there were more mobiles being used. For example, in the UAE, 43% chose a desktop to job search over 53% a mobile. In South Africa; 38% vs 51% and Japan; 43% vs 49%.


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