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Are you aware how often potential candidates are looking for a new job ?

By Lucy Standing ,Horizoncomms


London 19th May 2016: A new One Poll survey of 1000 over 25s have provided a fresh outlook on the issues surrounding the pursuit of a new career. Conducted by Lucy Standing, the research lifts the lid on the public's aspirations and the isolation currently felt by many when making crucial choices about their futures. 



Often trapped in one profession, yet with inherent uncertainty resulting from technological advances, it signals a clear need for greater opportunities to help people unlock their inner potential. In an era where the saying "a job is for life" now seems archaic, the research reveals some key takeaways:



  • 60% of people have changed jobs more than three times
  • 50% of people have spent a day seeing what another career is like
  • 75% would love to have greater opportunities to try other careers for a day
  • Contrary to popular belief, 'boring' careers can still be aspirational 
  • 25% of people would love the opportunity to meet a ‘hero’

Lucy Standing, associate of the British psychological society said, "Selecting the right career is not an easy choice for anybody. Once made, it is often even harder for people to retrain and find a career they love. These findings couldn't be clearer in demonstrating the need to provide a way for people to try out new areas, without having to commit their lives first." 


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