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Availability of professional job opportunities grows 2% in April, finds Morgan McKinley Ireland

The availability of professional job opportunities in April 2016 (12,203) increased by nearly 2% sequentially since March 2016, but decreased by 9% year-on-year since last April (13,445), according to the Morgan McKinley Irish Employment Monitor. 


The number of professionals seeking new roles in April 2016 (7,588) increased by 6% sequentially since March 2016. This, however, is a reduction of 8% year-on-year since April 2015 (8,225).


Bryan Hyland, operations director at Morgan McKinley Ireland, said, “Overall April was very strong from a jobs announcement perspective including multinationals with high value opportunities in the ICT and pharmaceutical sectors.  Initial direct employment levels, for example in the construction and configuration of facilities, are being augmented by workforce recruitment as these operations come on stream.


“We are seeing a general level of stability and balance in the market and this is underpinned by increasing confidence among indigenous firms where there is organic growth and recruitment, including a noticeable rebound by the SME sector. Overall, the ‘time to hire’ has become faster, by which we mean employers are working ever more quickly to evaluate and bring on board new recruits, reflecting the demand for highly sought after candidates.


“Opportunities in financial services are becoming available at increased pace, particularly in governance, risk and compliance roles in line with enhanced regulation, stringent oversight and the overall depth of responsibility that is now being realised throughout the sector. Interestingly, there is no immediate large scale talent pool available to pull into this area. Experienced people are being sourced from qualified professional areas including accountancy, audit and financial project management, with enhanced rewards and benefits.


“In accountancy, there is significant demand for recently qualified accountants across industry, financial services and within professional service firms who are keen to retain talent post training contracts.


“As a sector, data continues to evolve rapidly and this is driven strongly by security considerations where cybercrime remains a serious issue to be countered by the entire economy. This is stimulating jobs availability for professionals in analytics with a specialisation in active detection of threats rather than prevention. We are also seeing increased availability of roles in financial services for people with analytics qualifications.


“ICT and engineering remain buoyant with a strong shift towards permanent positions rather than contract roles. As many IT projects come to a conclusion and reach a steady state, employers are seeking professionals for these continuing operations including the conversion of contractors into permanent roles. This is benefiting the contract sector where skills are in high demand and rates remain strong.”

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