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Bond International Software launches AdaptUX

Bond International Software has launched AdaptUX, its latest software offering.


Built with input from web usability experts, Bond says AdaptUX has been developed with user experience in mind.


The development team at Bond International Software states it has worked with usability experts to identify exactly how recruiters interact with recruitment software. Building on Bond Adapt, the new product – AdaptUX – streamlines processes, including enhanced record views displaying full client, candidate and job information on one screen and active ‘hover-over fly-outs’ with one-click workflows to complete tasks, such as shortlisting candidates, with ease. AdaptUX is centred on how users interact with the software on a day-to-day basis and delivers an experience for maximum speed and efficiency, according to Bond.


Tim Richards, managing director of Bond International Software, commented, “At Bond International Software we have always prided ourselves in putting user experience first. In the creation of AdaptUX, the development team and user experience experts ensured the focus always remained on recruiters, adapting to how they behave and interact. For us, we see AdaptUX as the next generation of recruitment software created for today’s recruiter.”


Toby Conibear, European business development director at Bond International Software, said, “Today’s recruitment industry is more complex than ever before. With a range of candidates spanning several generations, plus the added pressures from changing industry legislation, recruiters need to be flexible in order to succeed. By building AdaptUX from a user experience perspective, we believe it will help recruiters adapt to industry demands in exciting new ways.”


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