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Gender gap in creative sector is closing, says Creativepool

Creativepool’s annual creative industry report, in partnership with IC Creative & Serendipity, has revealed the ratio of men to women in the industry is becoming more equal.


The report, which surveyed over 2,500 industry professionals, found that the percentage of men have dropped by 7% while women have increased by 7% giving a 52%-48% split.


Creativepool’s report looks at creative sector salaries between 2015-2016 and amongst its findings, it also revealed:


*             A 9% decrease of those under 35 this year. The industry is now more established and entry level positions are becoming harder to find.

*             The salaries of digital professionals overtake designers & advertisers for the first time by 3%, coupled with a 4% increase in digital salaries overall.

*             The gap between salaries in London and outside London is still decreasing, with a 3% increase of salaries outside the capital.

*             Confidence is high in the sector with the percentage of those who felt underpaid continuing to drop at a rate of 2% from 2015.


Michael Tomes, founder of Creativepool, said, “It’s amazing to see the positive changes for gender equality in the industry this year. We’ve come a long way and there is still a lot of work to be done, but the creative industry is leading by example and we hope this begins to permeate through other sectors as well. Overall the reactions from 2015 were confident and hopeful, and it will be interesting to see what the next year will bring.”


Zena Alana, founder of Serendipity, commented, “The creative economy and creative industries employ a lower proportion of women than the wider UK economy. So it’s great to see the progression of the gender gap closing within the tech and creative industry. Increasing women’s representation within the creative industry improves diversity and provides us with a broader pool of talent. I am excited to see what the future holds…”


Vicky Fellows, marketing manager of IC Creative/ IC Resources, added, “Once again the creative industry is leading the way. It’s very encouraging to see such positive changes this year, especially gender equality and the great London/not-London divide reducing, and we hope this continues over the next 12 months. IC Creative is proud to partner with Creativepool and support the creative industry.”



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