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Make your business shine with apprentices

Sarah Johnson, marketing coordinator at ISV Group


After National Apprenticeship week, we thought it would be good to dwell on the benefits of apprenticeship schemes for businesses. Keeping in mind that it’s not just crucial for the individuals gaining business skills and real life work experience, it has proven to increase productivity in over 130,000 UK workplaces, whereby:


  • 80% of companies agree that apprenticeships have increased employee retention;
  • 77% of employers believe apprenticeships make them more competitive;
  • 57% of employers report many apprentices have taken on management positions within their company.


According to statistics released by Skills Training UK


Not really convinced by the stats? Here are some other reasons that might shed some light:


A fresher outlook for your business


Having someone from the outside looking into your business could feel a bit uncomfortable. It is, however, great if you want to be innovative. With apprentices having a different perspective and fresher outlook on things, you learn how to open up to new business ideas. This gives you the opportunity to not only understand how others perceive your brand, but also to improve your brand, product or service. Another great thing about apprentices is that they do not only bring the ideas, with the right guidance they are eager to implement them as well.


Fill your skills gaps


With the UK market experiencing an increase in skills shortages, why not fill up these gaps by offering suitable training schemes? Yes, it requires some investments; bearing the future in mind, however, it’s very cost-effective, also saving you recruitment costs. Taking on apprentices will put your business in the spotlight. Think about it, by the end of their apprenticeship scheme they will know and understand your business inside and out, feeling 100% confident in using the skills they have developed. Is that not a great asset for any company?


Flexible to your business needs


Offering apprenticeships means that you can assign apprentices to specific (or new) job roles, making them flexible to the needs of your business. Specifically, students and recent graduates are willing to learn, making them more adaptable and open for change. If you’re planning on trying something different for your business, apprentices can be the perfect candidates in fulfilling that role.




These are just a few points that will help enlighten how apprenticeships can make your business shine. In addition to all that, you might also want to look into some useful training tools that will help measure the progress and growth of your apprentices. Great learning assessments will enhance their skills and help with fulfilling their role more productively, whether this is just basic computer skills, numeracy skills, communication skills or more.


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