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Over half of UK directors only hear about cyber security when there is a breach

The 2015/16 Cyber Governance Health Check has been released, showing that British companies are still not understanding the severity of the threat, according to Gibbs S3.


54% of respondents stated that they only hear about cyber security twice a year or when there is a security incident, showing little improvement from the previous year. The research also revealed that two-thirds of FTSE companies had been hit by a cyber-attack in the past year alone.

Farida Gibbs, CEO & founder of Gibbs S3, commented “This research once again displays that many decision makers within business are not recognising the serious nature of the cyber security threat. It needs to be discussed on a more regular basis; waiting until the damage has been done is an incredibly risky strategy. Cyber security is often perceived as being less business critical than implementing the latest digital innovations, but as seen by TalkTalk and Ashley Maddison, one severe breach can do incredible damage to a company’s reputation.

“Cyber security is a constant battle between hackers and those working to prevent them from succeeding. As new security protocols and software are introduced, hackers are constantly looking at ways to breach them, so having the right professionals working for your company is essential to safeguarding your data. Although there are many good products out there, it is the experienced cyber security professionals that will keep your systems up to date against the latest threat. It is vital to be prepared and have the latest cyber security defences in place before anything occurs, rather than reacting after the damage has already been done.”

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