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Over half of UK employees feel uninspired by their workplace, finds Love Energy Savings

A study carried out by Love Energy Savings has revealed that 55% of people in the UK don’t feel inspired and productive in their current working environment.


Following its own recent office move, the Love Energy Savings team says they were motivated to create a stimulating workplace that enables their employees to thrive.


To help other SMEs across the country, they spoke to industry experts for their take on creating a workplace that inspires productivity, and how to use interior design in order to save money.


The company says:


Brighten up your surroundings


No matter what industry you work in, creating an inspiring work environment will help your employees feel happier, more focused and more driven to produce their very best work. Use colours to your advantage and you’ll find that the mood improves.


Chelsea Thomas trained in psychology and now works at She commented, “Ban beige walls, whittle out the whitewash and whatever you do, get rid of the grey! These colours, although natural and bright when the sunlight comes in, can induce feelings of sadness and depression in employees, reducing their productivity.

Introduce bright colours, particularly blue and green tones, in your workspace to allow for happier (and more efficient) staff. For a creative company, consider adding yellow around their workspace to inspire your creatives,” she commented.


Play on the senses


Just as changing the colours of the office can boost productivity, making other subtle changes can have the same effect. The first of these is scent; our sense of smell is one of the most powerful and different odours can have a dramatic impact on our mind-set. Some examples include using cinnamon if you want to stay focused, and citrus to help you feel awake.


The second tip is the quality of the air. Whether it’s opening a window for a short while each day, investing in an air filter or even having a few plants dotted around, clean and fresh air circulating around the room will lift spirits and ensure everyone is working at their best.


Go green


Improving your energy efficiency is one of the best ways to cut down on your office expenditure and do your bit for the environment too. And you don’t have to make huge changes to notice a big difference.


Phil Foster, managing director of Love Energy Savings, said, “As an SME owner, there will be a number of expenses that you’re trying to keep track of, but your energy expenditure is one that you can take active steps towards reducing. Some of the easiest ways to slash your business energy bills include going digital and eliminating as much paper as possible, encouraging your employees to start a carpool if they live close and ensuring all equipment is turned off at the end of the day. And going green doesn’t just have its monetary benefits; it can also help create an optimal working environment,” he remarked.





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