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Premier Group hosts Women in Digital event

On Thursday 5th May, Premier Group hosted its Women in Digital event.


Speakers at the event discussed the role of women in the digital space. Attendees heard from Gillian Davies, author of ‘First Time Leader’, entrepreneur and head of recruitment & culture at Ustwo; Becky McOwen Banks & Ali Hanan, joint founders of Creative Equals, judge at the Women of Tomorrow Awards, creative director at FCB Inferno, public speaker and creative director at Blippar; Joanne Ralfe, public speaker and project director at LIDA and Victoria Buchanan, winner at the Women of Tomorrow Awards, judge at Roses Creative Awards and creative director at Tribal Worldwide.


Premier Group commented, “It’s evident to see that women are now taking some of the senior positions in the digital space. Susan Wojcicki, inventor of Google’s AdSense, is now CEO of YouTube helping them claim the number one spot in the viral video game! She inspired Google to become a welcoming place for working mums to encourage more women in the tech workplace – one giant leap for (wo)mankind!


“However, one of the best things in life is diversity; whether that’s in food, travel or the workplace. The digital world benefits hugely in having both women and men in various tech roles. With different opinions, visions and train of thought, the blend of both can help to target a much wider audience. These differing views generate discussion and debate which can only lead to better ideas and innovations!”

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