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The Brightwork Group signs up to Movement to Work

The Brightwork Group has signed up to Movement to Work, a voluntary collaboration of UK employers committed to tackling youth unemployment through provision of vocational training and work experience opportunities.


Brightwork says it will now engage with its wide and diverse client base to encourage them to participate in the scheme, with the eventual aim of filling vacancies amounting to 1% of the UK workforce.


Shan Saba, business development director at Brightwork, said, "The spectre of youth unemployment hangs across Europe at the moment and the UK is at the forefront of bringing these young people into productive and fulfilling work.


"Brightwork's business is finding the right people for the right places and we will be encouraging our supply chain to seriously consider Movement to Work as a mutually beneficial mechanism which can transform lives.


"As a group committed to corporate social responsibility, we are very concerned that so many youngsters are trapped in the 'No experience, no job; no job no experience' cycle, and fear they are on the scrapheap before their lives have really begun.


"By committing to Movement to Work, employers can demonstrate their collective impact on youth unemployment and show that they are taking responsibility for addressing the skills gap."


Derek May, Brightwork Group chief executive, commented, “Movement to Work has the potential to have a real impact on one of the most pressing problems of our times and the Brightwork Group is committed to helping it achieve its worthwhile aims."




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