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Work-life balance fuels racing career at SThree

A career with no limits has been a winning talent strategy for SThree, the company has announced.


It says the key to this is ensuring employees with multi-career ambitions strike a balance in their work and their life.


To achieve this balance, employers need to consider the benefits of flexible work arrangements and foster an open environment where staff can deliver results not only on the sales floor but also outside office walls.  


“If you don’t think it’s possible, you’ll never do it,” says Sarah Bovy, senior consultant at Real Staffing, part of SThree, who successfully became the first woman on the podium of a World Series by Renault event in 2015.


“A motivating and encouraging work environment, hard work and 100% focus have been the drivers for me,” added Bovy, who is based in Brussels and has competed in motorsports racing for over 10 years and will compete in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo, Europe whilst continuing her full-time, role at SThree.


“I’ve partnered my professional career with my racing career and balancing both can be difficult at times but the support and commitment from SThree over the past three years has been amazing and will forever be my souvenir.” 


She says time management and open communication are key to balancing both careers, “whether it’s taking a call from a candidate on the racetrack and discussing salary expectations, or speaking with sponsors during office hours - keeping track of time and planning work accordingly is crucial – both on and off the track.”


Boy stresses, “Being open with your activity and taking the time to tell your colleagues and your manager what you do outside of office hours is important; it gives them the opportunity to understand your multi-career goals and the reason why you might take more days out of the office than others.


“The skills that attract racing talent are interchangeable with the skills needed in a professional work environment but it’s the determination and endless motivation that connects the two careers.


“I’ve transferred a lot of my racing skills to the recruiting cycle and vice versa, negotiating with sponsors on the race track is alike to negotiating with clients in the office. Mentally, it’s about stress-resistance and preparing for the result to go either way – win or lose office or racetrack.


“The physical intensity of racing is challenging, it’s not easy switching roles, but the flexibility and courage that SThree provides gives me the opportunity to create my own experiences and stay focused on success."


Bovy's only UK visit is for the Blancpain Endurance Series at Silverstone Circuit on 14th-15th May. Find out more information by visiting and following her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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