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Adopt an ‘always on’ approach to your online footprint

By Julie Bishop – Glassdoor


Social media is powerful; we can chat to friends, family and connections via many different channels. We can watch videos, read blogs, listen to podcasts, live stream, upload reports, presentations, read reviews, target employers and much more. What many people don’t realise is that social media gives you the power always to be on the job market even when you’re happily employed. You might ask, why would you want to be on the job market if you’re happy where you are? Being on the job market doesn’t mean you have to leave where you are, but it does mean you get to see what other opportunities are available, what other benefits and salary you could get (via Glassdoor). That information may even help when it comes to negotiating a pay rise.


It also doesn’t mean you’ve got to actively tweet out “I need a new job” on Twitter or tell your connections that you’re on the job market, that would be silly. Social media enables you to showcase your profile, which means anyone can view you, including employers. Once you understand that, then the penny should drop, it means opportunity could knock at any time.


Many people neglect their online profiles once they’re in employment, but that is a mistake, you should see to it that you always look your best online as much as you do offline.


What tends to happen is that online profiles start to get spruced up only when somebody is considering changing jobs, you might as well be carrying a big sign which says “I’m thinking of leaving here!” Employers are very aware that happens and if they spot an unusual amount of profile updating, they will watch you like a hawk.


It makes sense to keep your online profiles looking their best at all times, make it part of your daily activities.



People connect with people, not avatars, not silhouettes and not egg heads (Twitter), make sure your online profiles always have a good, smiling headshot.

Your profile photo should always be an up to date one of yourself, never mislead anyone with one from ten years ago.


Be searchable

Always be searchable by having good keywords in your profiles. Each social media site has its own search function, and an employer may use the search bar to source their next superstar. Use good keywords to get found. Think carefully about the keywords employers may use and then include those keywords in your profiles.


Keep connecting

Just because you’re currently happy in your job, it doesn’t mean you should stop connecting. Connections can open many doors to opportunity for you; it pays to be well connected.



Use your profiles to drive employers and recruiters to a destination where they can find out more about you. You could link to an online blog, a website you created, a portfolio or even a press release where you are the star of the story. When anyone purposely visits your profile it’s because they want to find out more about you, so make sure they can.


You are a brand

Get into the mindset of being a brand, when you do that it will become second nature to look after your online profiles. There are people who take their online personal brand very seriously; they’ll make sure headshots are always up to date, that there’s a personal brand voice, a personal brand colour, links are never broken and more. Take a leaf out of their book.


Don’t neglect your online profiles, look after them and in return, they’ll look after you.


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