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Business and IT students select favourite employers

Business and engineering/IT students in the world’s 12 largest economies have chosen their favourite employers. More than 267,000 millennials in Universum’s Talent Survey have ranked the companies they find most desirable for employment.


The company says that business and engineering/IT students are actively in pursuit of obtaining a well-balanced lifestyle that encompasses work with personal time. A well-balanced lifestyle is the number one career ambition in both fields of study for all countries apart from India, where having an international career is considered more important and Russia, where job security is key.


Very little localisation of the Employer Value Proposition is required for most English speaking countries including Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA, according Universum. Meanwhile the differentiation in the APAC region demonstrates that there’s no clear outline in connection to what’s considered attractive. Japan is especially unique, distinct from any other country, Universum surveys.


On the engineering/IT side, Google retains its top position followed by Microsoft, Apple, BMW Group and IBM, which took over GE’s spot at five. On the business rankings, Apple which moved up five spots from seventh to second place is challenging Google for the top position, followed by EY and Goldman Sachs. PwC fell three places to fifth place.


Banks are struggling to compete with tech firms for business talent, Universum states, and as a result, certain banks have fallen in the ranks. Others have taken advantage of engineering/IT talent’s interest in joining professional and financial services firms and have risen in the ranking.


The attractiveness level of the automotive industry remains stable but there have been fluctuations for consumer goods firms, with certain strong “lifestyle” brands performing better than others, like Nike, which makes its debut on the business ranking at 16. The energy industry is noticeably less attractive following the collapse in oil & gas prices, yet renewable energy firms have risen in popularity among both sets of talent, Universum reveals.


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