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Female millennials drive up percentage of women in engineering, finds Jobsite

Latest findings show that a younger generation of women are making positive steps to close the gender gap in engineering.  


Research by online job board Jobsite into the engineering sector found that the percentage of female engineers in the 20-24 age bracket (16%) is nearly three times higher than within the 40-44 age bracket (6%).


While Jobsite says the overall figures back up the huge industry-wide gender gap, showing that just 9% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female, the statistics provide hope that the gap is slowly closing.


The survey of over 1000 engineers in the UK also found that the proportion of women in lower level roles compared to men is significant, with 40% of female engineers in junior positions, compared to just 23% of their male counterparts. By contrast, there is an average of 13% more men in the mid and senior level roles.


Participants were asked to state what percentage of salary increase they anticipated in the next 12 months, which showed women to be far more optimistic about their salary development. 22% of females expect a pay increase of 11-20% in the coming year, an expectation shared with only 10% of males. Half of men (50%) anticipated no or little increase (0-2%) in their salary, compared to just one third of women (33%).


Anna Skelton, senior HR business partner at Jobsite, commented, “The gender gap issue in engineering is well-documented, but our research shows the sector is gradually starting to attract more interest from younger generations, indicating a more balanced future for the industry.


“There’s a clearly recognised skill shortage in this sector, and women are opening their eyes to the wealth of lucrative career opportunities engineering can offer.


“In light of the increasing female workforce, engineering firms should ensure their workplace policies are inclusive and relevant to both sexes to ensure they attract and retain the best talent the industry has to offer.”

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