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Find out about our upcoming VIP events

RI has four VIP events coming up throughout the year, with topics ranging from employee engagement to succession planning. The sessions bring our members bespoke learning opportunities that are not available elsewhere.


The sessions will be run by Robin Rose, who has over 25 years’ experience in senior level human resource consultancy. He has worked with many blue chip organisations and SMEs at board level.


If you’re part of the VIP club and want to book onto the sessions you’re interested in, or want to find out more about joining the VIP club, make sure you contact Teri (

To find out more about each of the sessions, take a look at the overviews below, or head to our events page.




Date: Friday 17th June

For whom: any management or leadership roles

Scope: This session will talk through the important role played by management when engagement with new and existing employees and how you can positively impact all those around you.

Government research confirms that organisations with high levels of employee engagement consistently outperform expectations and have a noticeably low staff turnover rate.


Engaged Employees are:

More customer focused

More Creative

More efficient and effective

Care about the organisation and its objectives

Have less absenteeism

Stay longer and go the extra mile


This two-hour session will evidence why employee engagement is an essential aspect of modern successful businesses.


We will explore the four critical enablers that good businesses use to ensure engagement.

We will examine the roll of personal development in implementing the four enablers.

Course participants will be involved with a different training experience that will profoundly affect the way they look at their business situation and empower them to make a real difference in the work place.




Date: 18th August

For whom: Management, senior managers, HR, Directors.

Scope: This session deals with the challenges faced by recruitment businesses to ensure they have the right people in the right place to deliver the organisations short-, medium- and long-term goals.

We will look at:

Structured ways to identify what planning needs to take place

Assessing potential

Growing your future leadership team

How to communicate good and bad news to relevant staff

The role of personal development, empowerment and delegation

As recruiters, we know a lot about identifying talent, but building teams of competent empowered staff in our own business presents its own unique challenges. This short confidential seminar will help forward looking management adopt a structured approach to this potentially tricky subject. 



Date: 13th October

For whom: All staff that may have to present proposals or reports to small teams, small groups, boards of directors or large audiences.

Scope: This session deals with how to present ideas to gain a positive response

We will look at:

The best way to structure proposals

Environmental issues and research

When and how to use exhibits and presentation technology

The role of confidence and how to develop it

Interaction with the audience and handling questions

Winning commitment

Everyone welcomes creativity and good ideas. However, everyone knows that change does not happen unless ideas are championed by individuals capable of commanding respect and enthusing others. This is a life skill that can be learned. In this seminar we will explore how this important skill can be acquired.



Date: 8th December

For whom: All staff that that have the responsibility for the performance of others.

Scope: This session deals with how to transform a management culture to a leadership style culture.

We will look at:

The essential differences between management and leadership

Why, where and when a change of style may be appropriate

How to acquire leadership skills

The role of culture, engagement and empowerment

Problem analysis and decision making

Winning enthusiastic commitment

Managers exist to make sure established systems and procedures are followed.

Leaders inspire others to deliver results and more. Accomplished leaders are an essential component of business growth. This seminar will explore how you can inject more practical leadership skills into your business.


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