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Five most in demand roles in the North West revealed by Clayton Recruitment

The most in demand roles in the North West vary from CSCS cleaners to payroll specialists, according to Clayton Recruitment.


An analysis by the Preston-based national recruitment brand has outlined the five most in demand roles across the North West region. The study was conducted by comparing vacancy levels across Clayton’s broad areas of expertise and it says it highlights the ongoing skills shortages affecting many fields.


Tracy Bolan, commercial manager at Clayton Recruitment, outlined the positions:


CSCS Cleaners – “These are cleaning jobs specifically on construction sites and we are seeing a shortage of professionals with CSCS cards which is the documentation you need to fulfil these roles. The card highlights that you have the skills and health and safety knowledge to work in the trade and is required by approximately 80% of UK construction sites.”


Payroll specialists – “This one is pretty self-explanatory and any organisation over a certain size will likely require at least one payroll expert. Unfortunately, however, these roles are proving hard to fill and there’s a scarcity of both permanent and temporary professionals in the North West at the moment which means that the number of vacancies is easily exceeding candidate availability. Senior professionals, in roles such as payroll managers and supervisors, are in particular demand which is exacerbating the already fierce competition in this market.”


Accounts assistants – “Financial accounts assistants also play a fundamental role in almost every business over a certain size and in almost every sector, however we’re seeing a particular shortage in accounting practices. This is most likely down to the fact that these firms offer a stable and potentially lucrative career path, meaning that professionals are generally reluctant to move roles. They’re responsible for tasks including the preparation of financial records as well as cash handling, office administration, processing receipts and many others.”


MIG welders – “As with many roles in construction, manufacturing and its related fields, there’s a real dearth of specialist MIG welders in the region at the moment. This is a slightly niche area of the welding field and is utilised in the construction, manufacturing and automotive industries to ensure contaminates don’t enter the weld. The professionals are spread thin on the ground because of rising demand and are able to pick between opportunities in some cases, which has led to a shortage of experts.”


Sales administrators – “This one has been a slow burner as demand for sales administrators has climbed steadily over the past few years as organisations have become more profitable and have therefore had more orders to process. We are now at a stage where supply does not meet demand and current administrators are being stretched in their roles. The main responsibilities include handling sales orders, aiding consultants to improve productivity and dealing with customer service enquiries.”


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