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Marketing managers’ salaries increase 37% YoY, finds research

The biggest pay rises in 2016 have seen marketing managers and bankers picking up a bump in wages so far this year, new research by Lucas Blake has revealed.

Businesses are finding increasing importance in going digital, improving communications and bigger marketing spends have all consequently influenced management positions associated with these fields. Marketing managers, for example, have been in high demand as their salaries grew by 37% to £70,000 this year from £51,000 last year.

Corporate baking salaries have also recorded a big rise, with an average pay increase of 37% to £82,000 from £60,000 in 2015, according to

Digital skills are now expected among human resources managers, Lucas Blake says, who have seen the third biggest rise in pay this year as businesses look to expand their HR sectors and especially look for workers to help them adapt their culture and management style to millennials and generation Y. According to the statistics HR managers have seen a considerable rise of 31% to £80,000 for 2016.

Such increases in the IT industry are often reflected upon the strength of the economy. This is reflected in the statistics which show increasing wages in the IT sector since the recovery of the 2008 recession. This is expected to continue to grow as long as the economy continues to grow also. This is highly dependent on the future EU referendum and the economic fallout from that particular event.

Increasing competition from the financial sectors to employ the greatest IT talent which is driving up the wage for workers in the IT sector. Technological advancements in cloud based security systems are seeing cloud computing positions rise as well as software development positions and data architects. In the end, almost every industry is looking to further digitalise itself which in turn is increasing the competition for the best I.T talents.

Amazon tops the highest paying tech firms for 2016. The news comes shortly after Amazon announce it is to created 1500 jobs in the Manchester area through the opening of a new warehouse in Airport city.

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