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RI apprenticeships feature August 2016

Recruitment International apprenticeships feature
UK August 2016


As part of our August 2016 focus on apprenticeships in the recruitment industry, we are running a feature which will look at how apprenticeships and apprentices have benefited recruitment companies. We want to hear from agencies who have run a successful apprenticeship scheme for a year or more, to learn about the planning, implementation, operation and results of your scheme.


If you would like to contribute to the feature, then please answer all the questions below and send them back to Rebecca Jeffrey by 5pm on Monday 11th July. Email

When did you implement your apprenticeship scheme?
How many apprentices have completed apprenticeships through the scheme?
What did you have to consider when implementing the scheme?
What work do apprentices do on the scheme?
What has the scheme achieved so far?
What has been the biggest challenge?
How much does the scheme cost to run?
What plans do you have for the apprenticeship scheme?
How has the apprenticeship scheme benefited the company?
Can you offer any examples of what apprentices have achieved on the scheme?
What have apprentices gone on to do after completing the scheme?


The questions are open to CEO/MD and director level professionals within recruitment companies.



Submissions accepted for inclusion within our August 2016 print/digital issue may be edited.


The deadline for all contributions is 5pm on Monday the 11th of July.



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