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Seminar series emphasises need for advocacy and engagement to hire best emerging talent

The need for stronger candidate engagement methods with emerging talent in order to stand out from mounting competition has been stressed by leading global employers in a series of breakfast seminars from WCN across the UK and US.


Over the course of May, WCN held three events in San Francisco, New York City and London, which featured presentations from Alison McGovern, global co-head of campus recruiting at Morgan Stanley; Aman Musafar, university relations manager at Equinix and Anna Byrne, recruitment & selection lead at nucleargraduates.


These recruiters – along with interaction from members of the audience covering the breath of Wall Street and Silicon Valley – spoke about the inherent challenges facing emerging talent recruitment, including the consequences of behavioural and technological changes in new generations.


In order to stand out, WCN says organisations must now go to greater lengths to demonstrate how they are the best cultural fit for digital-minded candidates; including networking with applicants in the ways they talk to each other over social media and even using app technology such as WhatsApp.


Charles Hipps, CEO and founder of WCN, chaired the events and combined these challenges into eight key tips for best practice, which can be summarised as:


  1. The need for a great “millennial/digitals” employer value proposition (EVP): Candidates are more digital savvy than ever before – Millennials have different drivers and motivations. They want to work in a creative company that can demonstrate it is moving with the times not staying rigidly to the past and historical practices.
  2. Ensure transparent, open and honest marketing of an EVP: Once you have identified an EVP, you must ensure it resonates in every touchpoint across your organisation and is presented succinctly without risk of appearing forced.
  3. Engage early, recruit quickly & build your pipeline of future great hires: Competition for the best emerging talent applicants is fierce. Organisations must start communication with the highest achieving students as soon as possible and maintain this personalised approach throughout if they are to be successful at securing the hottest pool of future leaders. 
  4. Synergise & blend multiple entry points & employee talent management: Utilise the wide pool of students available from across the education spectrum – school leavers, college, university, MBA and PhD – to maximise the skillsets offered across the generational gaps and ensure you are managing the varied skill mix challenges that your organisation is facing.
  5. Understand what ‘great’ looks like with diversity objectives in mind: Have an idea in your mind for how you want to classify a great fit to your emerging talent posts recognising where diversity is a corporate objective you need to include here. Tailor your selection process and mechanisms with a top-down, cultured approach to help make this as seamless as possible.
  6. Leverage technology to magnify your efforts & communicate using your audience’s natural media: Good technology will enable you to deliver personalised, rewarding experiences, amplifying your employer brand. This is complemented by digital intelligence to help drive continuous improvement based on strong performers. Done well, virtualisation will automate manual processes, cut administration time, simplify & extend reach.
  7. Engage your employees to be talent ambassadors and advocates: Stories from a happy workforce help to sell an EVP indirectly and ignite & strengthen the passion of future hires and customers. After all, people buy people.
  8. Set emerging talent as your number one priority: Emerging talent recruits are your future leaders and a war for talent is intensifying. Hence, there is a need to ensure you hire the best before the rest and making this a top priority would be a positive first step.



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