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Social recruiting: Why employer branding makes the difference

Sarah Johnson, marketing co-ordinator at ISV Group


Our digital age has forever changed the way we do things. Whether it’s the way we do business, make money, network or look for job opportunities. We can’t deny that with a growing number of job seekers using social platforms for their job search, social recruiting has become a key element within HR and recruitment.


Marketing and recruitment go hand in hand now, and this has called for a change of process. Truth is you can’t afford to be just another business; how boring is that? In a highly competitive market with many striving to source and attract the best talent, what makes your business stand out? What gives you the ‘WOW’ factor? And how are you communicating that online?


According to global recruiting trends and statistics released by LinkedIn Talent Solutions:


  • 62% of employers say that employer branding is a top priority for their organisation;
  • 59% believe they adopt a pro-active brand strategy;
  • 55% are investing more in employer branding.


Why employer branding?


Employer branding communicates the culture of your company, giving jobseekers compelling reasons why they want to work for you. Employer branding is about identifying and putting into practise your values and unique set of qualities; by building and creating a culture of trust in alignment with your corporate banding. This is greatly influenced by how your employees and jobseekers perceive your business.


Attracting jobseekers or talent to your business without consistent branding is a vain attempt. Why? Lack of consistency makes you vanish into thin air. People see you and quickly forget about you. So how can employer branding benefit your hiring process, how does it make a difference?


You attract new talent


Employer branding increases familiarity and attracts both new and passive talent. The more jobseekers (or people) interact and are aware of your brand the more likely they are to respond to you. Social media enables you to attract like-minded people who fit within your organisation, by consistently communicating your vision, values and company culture through a consistent set of elements, colours, visuals and traits.


You gain candidate trust


No one wants to associate themselves with someone they don’t know and trust. So why would jobseekers want to be part of your organisation if they don’t feel like they know you? In this day and age, people get very suspicious if you don’t seem to have any (active) brand presence online. A strong employer brand (especially) on social platforms enables you to easily build a culture of trust and portray a great environment where everyone would want to work – by choice!


Employee engagement and retention


Having a strong employer brand greatly increases your employee engagement and retention.  Your employees become your advocates and will evangelise on behalf of your business. This level of engagement is achieved by great leadership, training programmes and schemes and a healthy growth environment for your employees. Strive to create a culture where employees are genuinely proud to be part of your organisation.


Important: Building and creating a compelling employer brand does not happen overnight - you don’t have to implement or perfect everything at once. It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your business. Stay in line with your corporate brand. 


Questions to answer:

  • Do you keep your values?
  • Do you deliver your brand promises?
  • What is your brand personality? (Fun, exciting, mysterious)
  • Have you been consistent with your branding?
  • Is your company culture attracting the right talent?
  • What do your employees say about your business behind your back?
  • How is your business being reviewed on websites such as Glassdoor?




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