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Staffing 360 Solutions completes $5.3m in equity raises in three months

Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc. has announced $5.3m in equity raises since the company's S-3 went effective on 22nd March 2016.

Brendan Flood, executive chairman of Staffing 360 Solutions, commented, "As we've stated repeatedly, one of our primary objectives is to strengthen our balance sheet as we continue to grow.

"Since our S-3 went effective we have raised over $5 million, and we've done so in various forms of equity, including our $2 million raise this week. Although we mentioned on our last conference call that we were debt heavy and equity light, the use of our recent Shelf Registration has allowed us to make very positive inroads on this exercise.

"This series of recent equity financings has been a significant catalyst for our strategic growth initiatives. As our balance sheet continues to strengthen we believe our awareness and perception in the capital markets will rise as well."

The company's equity raises over the last three months have varied from common stock transactions, to preferred stock structures. 

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