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Talent Rover partners with Fyre

Talent Rover has partnered with Fyre, a company that syncs Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and job boards with recruitment databases.


The partnership enables Talent Rover to import job requisitions automatically from virtually every VMS platform and instantaneously record them, saving recruiters hours of manual data entry and giving firms a competitive edge by increasing speed to placement.


Brandon Metcalf, founder and COO of Talent Rover, said, "Like Talent Rover, Fyre was founded by experienced recruiters who built their solution out of frustration with existing software. They, too, understand that simplicity and speed are essential.


"Fyre has solved the biggest problems with VMS solutions. We're very pleased to integrate their solution into Talent Rover."


Fyre says it will help Talent Rover users place the best candidates in the least amount of time by eliminating the daily hunt for job openings in VMS solutions. The solution acts as middleware between Talent Rover and over 35 popular VMS tools including Fieldglass, Beeline, and IQNavigator. Overall, Fyre imports, normalizes, and updates VMS data in real-time so that recruiters always have accurate, up-to-date records.


Fyre CEO, Tim Arnold, commented, "If you're going succeed with VMS solutions, you need to move faster than your competitors, and that is what Fyre is all about.


"The combination of Talent Rover and Fyre will give recruiters a tremendous competitive edge."


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