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60% of teachers say job has become less satisfying over past 12 months, finds TLTP Education

More than 60% of teachers say their job has become less satisfying over the past twelve months, whilst three quarters are either unsure or would definitely not recommend teaching as a career to family members or friends.


These are two of the headline findings from the latest "Barometer of the Teaching Industry" conducted by TLTP Education (London Teaching Pool Ltd).


Of those questioned, 61% felt that their job as a teacher had got less satisfying over the last 12 months; 17% felt it was more satisfying now and 22% said it was about the same. Those for whom it had become less satisfying attributed this to excessive paperwork (76%), worsening student behaviour (53%), too many changes in policy (49%) and 31% a lack of resources. Over half (55%) said they wouldn’t recommend teaching as a career to a family member or friend, whilst a further 20% are unsure. A quarter of respondents said that they would recommend teaching.


When asked what would make them more effective in their job as a teacher, 76% cited less administration and more focus on teaching, 48% wanted greater consistency in the curriculum, 47% wanted better student behaviour and 35% better resources.


The one positive aspect came when teachers were asked their views on the current quality and level of subject training for teachers: 42% said they felt it was either excellent (9%) or adequate (33%) whilst 30% felt it insufficient. 29% of those surveyed, however, also felt that newly qualified teachers are being given too much responsibility.


On the issues of intimidation and abuse, 64% of teachers said that they had been verbally abused in school during the last academic year and a further 9% said they knew a colleague who had been. Two thirds of teachers said they had not experienced physical abuse. 15% said they had been physically attacked whilst nearly a fifth (18%) claimed they knew a colleague who had been.


TLTP managing director, Darryl Mydat, commented, "Our latest Barometer of the teaching industry shows a profession still in a state of some unease.


"Uncertainty around resource levels and increased workload is creating unhelpful levels of stress in the profession which are being compounded by threats on a number of fronts from within the classroom environment. This matches our experience as a recruiter of seeing experienced teachers leaving management positions because of this combination of factors and being replaced by less experienced teachers."



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