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ARC welcomes the new PM and Cabinet

ARC has welcomed the new PM and Cabinet. The company says it wishes them every success, particularly with the unenviable task of unscrambling the position post the Brexit vote.


Adrian Marlowe, chairman of the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC), said, “Whilst making changes to certain aspects of employment relations within the UK may appear desirable, in our view, the government is likely to focus on first establishing how UK relations will work with the EU in the longer term. For example, the government may sign up to key elements of labour law established in the EU as a condition of continuing to do business in Europe without sanctions or tariffs. This may require us to retain certain current regulations, for example the AWR. Similarly, the rules relating to freedom of movement of workers will undoubtedly be high on the topics for discussion, with much burning of the midnight oil to be done before any deal can be struck. Bearing in mind also that we remain in the EU and subject to its legal framework until an Article 50 notice is served and the UK has formally exited - let's not jump the gun. It follows that, recruiters and employers ought not to expect or seek any quick decisions on labour law changes."


Given the uncertainty in the market place whilst the top level discussions are taking place, ARC states its advice must be: "Keep a close eye on the wind direction, in the meantime steady as she goes, and expect no immediate change".


For those dealing with non UK employers, Marlowe explained, "The advantages of dealing with UK businesses remain as before, remembering that the Brexit vote has not changed the quality of UK recruitment businesses and services one bit, whilst the legal position remains static."


ARC's plan now is to propose amendments for consideration by the government based on principles of simplification and fairness for all. This is in line with its long term objectives to facilitate employment and business success whatever the eventual outcome of the exit process.

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