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BlueSky PR and Barclay Jones to host content and PR workshop

BlueSky PR and Barclay Jones are hosting a Content and PR Mash Up Workshop on Wednesday 19th October.

At the event, Tracey Barrett and Lisa Jones will explain how you can implement a PR and content strategy for your recruitment business with practical advice. The session will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm in London. This event has only 12 spaces and is for recruitment marketers to want to improve their lead generation and talent attraction strategies.

The interactive one-day workshop will cover:

  • How to create and plan compelling content that will get used, read and shared
  • PR basics and toolkit including press releases, and pitching to journalists
  • How to use PR and content to win more business
  • How to use blogs to promote your firm as thought leaders
  • How to integrate PR & content into your social media to create engagement...and much, much more

Jones said, “I ran an event for recruitment marketers for APSCo earlier this year.  It was standing room only and focussed on ROI from Recruitment Marketing. 

“I asked a few questions of the attendees, gave them a pen and put them to work.

“One critical question I had was: What are the barriers to ROI?

“I gave them a few minutes to pen their responses and one stood out…

“‘Recruiters’ – yep – this made me laugh out loud…

“Return on investment is key for recruitment marketing, otherwise it’s just spend and seems to only attract dog groomers and time wasters (both?)

“‘Time’ is an issue for recruitment marketers.  It’s the only thing they can’t buy, and once they’ve used it they can’t recycle it.

“‘No strategy’ was another theme for a barrier to ROI.  There seems to be lots of tactics in recruitment marketing, but not enough strategy – and goals… they often need to be more business-aligned!

“Recruitment marketers are tasked more than ever with generating relevant noise!  Clicks are one thing, applications… we’re getting there… but relevant applicants who can do the job, get placed and stay in post?  That’s the gold dust every marketer should be looking to attract!”

Find out more about the event here.

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