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Do you feel under pressure to be more productive?

Last week the ONS revealed that UK labour productivity fell by 1.2%, putting businesses under increasing pressure to boost workforce performance – especially against the current Brexit backdrop.


Recent research from global recruiter PageGroup corroborates the fact as findings show over two thirds (69%) of UK office workers feel pressure from their employer to be more productive.


The PageGroup study – of 1,000 UK officer workers – also revealed that:

-65% say their employer values productivity over innovation

-78% think their working day should be more productive than it currently is

-86% say they work out of contracted hours – with 39% doing so often or always

-40% say they are most productive outside of traditional 9-5 hours

-Men (76%) feel more pressure to be productive than women (62%)

-Yet only 25% say their employer has offered training to improve productivity


The data from both sources suggests the UK is heading for a ‘productivity pressure cooker’, where the economic landscape pressurises employers and employers pressurise employees to boost business efficiency – ultimately leading to unproductive productivity habits such as out-of-office working or long/antisocial working hours, when effective training could actually be the solution.


The full press release from PageGroup can be found online here.


Have you felt under pressure to be productive?

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