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Employees say money isn’t everything in the jobs market

By David Robbins  Press Office


Money and in-work benefits aren’t as important to employees as employers may sometimes think. That’s just one of a number of surprising statistics to come out of a survey conducted by New Chapter Consulting.


Its ‘Pulse 2016 employment trends and opinions’ survey shows that respondents have an eye on their long-term career rather than short-term financial gain. When asked what they most value at work, personal development came out on top. Basic salary took third spot with commissions, bonuses and benefits packages trailing in at sixth and seventh.


Over 300 people responded to the survey, which was conducted in late 2015. Respondents were mainly mid to senior level employees with managerial or leadership responsibilities. Middle management represented over 40% of the sample.


“We were surprised by the findings,” said Adrian Dalby, managing director of New Chapter. “What they do confirm is that the UK economy is in a good place right now with a robust jobs market. When things are more uncertain, as they were five or six years ago, workers value job security, salaries and benefits more highly.”


Responses to the survey also suggest that employers should be quicker to say ‘thanks’ for a job well done and handout a few more metaphorical pats on the back. That’s because survey respondents said that recognition and a feeling of being valued were also very important to them in terms of what they most value at work.


“The more knowledge an employer has about their employees is always going to be valuable ammunition in the battle to both recruit and retain the best staff,”


“To get up to speed on this, one thing they might consider is an employee survey. This will tell them what their employees feel is important to them, and how as a business or organisation, you meet employee expectations. The results will help develop a rich employment brand which attracts the very best talent the market has to offer.”

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