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James Caan launches world’s first multi-training platform for recruiters

James Caan has today launched the world’s first multi-training platform for recruitment professionals, supported by LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. 


Drawing on 30 years’ experience of starting and scaling recruitment businesses all over the world, Caan’s new Recruitment Guide is designed to maximise the performance of recruitment consultants and managers, unleashing their potential to be the best they can be.


Aimed at addressing the wider productivity issues across the sector, Recruitment Guide includes contributed modules from LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


Commenting on the thinking behind the new Guide, James Caan CBE, said, “Technology has transformed our industry in many ways. However, the industry has seen the billing performance of consultants drop by over 30% over the last 25 years. How is that possible? Probably due to a growing over-reliance on technology. This has meant that we are paying less attention to the importance of soft skills and the building of strong relationships with clients and candidates.


“The emergence of new technologies has made some recruiters lazy and unproductive. Social media specifically has had a direct impact on businesses, reducing barriers to entry and increased competition from internal recruiters and the fragmented agency market. This makes it extremely challenging for the industry to thrive. We need to get back to basics, offer a higher quality of service and invest in training our staff before profits stagnate even further.”


Dan Dackombe, director  of LinkedIn Talented Solutions EMEA, commented, “The recruitment industry is one of the key drivers of the UK labour market, and one of the main ways in which LinkedIn members can connect with career opportunities. Helping more recruiters access the knowledge and skills they need to get the most out of social recruiting benefits both the UK recruitment industry and professionals as a whole."


One of the key features of the Hub is the personality profiling tool. “It’s people who breathe life into business, not products or services,” said Caan. “Recruitment Guide personality profiling is the perfect way to illustrate amiability; helping people work together more effectively, build more productive teams and ultimately place more candidates. It is designed to give consultants the opportunity to build a deeper rapport with their consultants, and enable managers to build the best team possible.”


Supporting this movement, David Head, director of Recruitment International, said, “Recruitment International has always focused on the importance of training and development in the recruitment industry and why it’s so significant for remaining competitive in the market, particularly as we continue to see the rise of internal recruiters. This is why we fully support the Recruitment Guide ethos; creating the world’s first gold standard in recruitment training and cultivating the next generation of recruitment leaders.”


To access the hub, visit

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