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Nicoll Curtin Highly Commended for Inclusive Culture at enei awards 2016

Nicoll Curtin has been Highly Commended for Inclusive Culture at the enei Awards 2016.


The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion is a not-for-profit organisation providing consultative advice and training on diversity and inclusion. They are one of the main authorities on diversity & inclusion in the UK, working with legislators, public sector organisations & FTSE 100 businesses. Nicoll Curtin was nominated for the award along with The Civil Service, HM Revenue & Customs, Barts Health NHS Trust & The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


The company states that the award follows a widespread strategic shift in its cultural environment. Among the changes, Nicoll Curtin introduced an initial female leadership target of 30% by 2018, which it exceeded to reach 42%. The business also introduced behavioural targets as well as financial ones, to prevent individuals being promoted on the basis of their billings when they were not reflective of the company’s values. Nicoll Curtin also cites enhanced policies on maternity leave and flexible working as being key to the change, allowing the company to attract and retain talent from a much broader talent pool.


James Johnson, Nicoll Curtin’s CEO, said, “It’s no coincidence that following our cultural shift, we’ve seen our profits almost treble. The theory says that a diverse environment leads to better performance. Our results prove it. I’m very proud we have been recognised for our inclusive culture. It’s a sign of the change we’ve been through and will hopefully help us attract even more great people.”


Ashleigh Clowes, Nicoll Curtin’s HR advisor (diversity & inclusion), added, “Diversity and inclusion has become part of who we are rather than something we ‘do’ – and that is a result of senior management truly believing and investing in it. We aren’t perfect – no business is. Cultural change, diversity, inclusion and our values have to be maintained, it is ongoing – but awards like this also highlight just how capable we are of making those changes and improvements when we put our mind to it!”



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