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Over half believe Brexit could have positive effect on job market, finds Jobsite

Following the EU Referendum and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, there has been uncertainty and nervousness about the effect this will have on the UK job market.


Research by job board Jobsite has explored the UK’s opinions about Brexit, and indicates optimism about future career prospects. The survey of over 28,000 Jobsite candidates found that 57% believe Brexit could have a positive effect on the future success of their current employer.


Those in engineering and technical services have the most positive outlook, with 62% of both sectors believing Brexit could have a positive impact on their career prospects. Only 29% of those in engineering believe Brexit will have a negative impact on their salary, and 30% of those in the technical services.


The results also found:


  • 62% of men believe Brexit could have a positive effect on their career prospects compared to 57% of women
  • Only 33% of those polled would consider pursuing their career in a different EU country following the Brexit vote 
  • Just 31% of respondents believe Brexit will have a negative effect on their salary 


Nick Gold, CEO at Jobsite, commented, “Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, opinions have been split. However, as the immediate aftermath of the decision begins to settle, our research shows that people are beginning to be a bit more optimistic about the future.


“Our advice to both employers and their employees is to continue as you normally would. The number of opportunities posted on Jobsite have remained consistent since the vote and we do not expect there to be an immediate shift in hiring or career opportunities.”


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