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Analyst jobs are highest paying for graduates

Glassdoor today announced the results of its first graduate jobs report to identify the ten highest paying graduate roles in the UK for 2016.


It revealed graduate analysts earn the most, with the highest salaries advertised on Glassdoor’s site averaging £34,366), followed by graduate consultants (£28,891) and graduate software engineers (28,370).


The report found that graduates who find jobs as analysts, consultants and software engineers could earn at least £28,000, pointing out that these three roles are over the UK’s national average salary of £27,600.


Glassdoor’s ten highest paying graduate jobs are:


1. Graduate Analyst – £34,366


2. Graduate Consultant - £28,891

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3. Graduate Software Engineer –£28,370


4. Graduate Mechanical Engineer – £26,949


5. Graduate Engineer - £26,500


6. Graduate Software Developer - £26,000


7. Graduate Civil Engineer - £25,000


8. Graduate Structural Engineer - £24,993


9. Graduate Management Trainee - £20,000

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10. Graduate Recruitment Consultant - £20,000


Jon Ingham (pictured), Glassdoor careers and workplace expert, said, “Getting on the first rung of the career ladder is a time of both great excitement and trepidation for graduates. However, finding the right job is not easy. With millions of final year students graduating this summer, we’ve now identified where some of the UK’s best young talent can earn the most in what is an extremely competitive entry-level market.


“While it’s not just about the money, knowledge really is power when you are job hunting. Graduate job seekers should endeavour to think wider than just the monthly pay cheque. For example, what is the culture like, does the employer offer competitive perks and benefits, is it a sociable environment, do they offer training and mentoring? The more you know, the better the decision you can make.”


The highest paying graduate jobs list was determined by searching for specific jobs on Glassdoor with the word “graduate” in the title and a minimum of 35 salary reviews. The  salary data is correct as of 25th July 2016.



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